Pushing ULF MRI instrumentation to the limit

At PTB we are developing novel techniques to image current flow in the brain. If the imaged currents are intrinsic, for example when your brain is processing sound or other stimuli, it is called neuronal current imaging (NCI), if they are impressed from the outside by electrodes, it goes by the name of current density...

Goal and Impact of BREAKBEN

In this series of blog posts, we plan to give insights to the thinking and...

Breakben website updated

Previous landing page is titled ABOUT in the menu. NEWS page is the new HOME page. You can now...

Combined for Accuracy

Brain disorders cause a great deal of suffering and a major economic burden to society;...


The kick-off meeting of the BREAKBEN project was arranged in the Långvik conferencence center near...


Scientific coordinator

Risto Ilmoniemi


Administrative coordinator

Riina Kero